OMP Association

The Association ‘Center for Psychoanalytic Thought’ is to be a platform of encounter for persons interested in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis, in its influence on various realms of the humanities such as philosophy, sociology and cultural studies, as well as in the intellectual exchange between the clinical and the academic perspectives. We are also interested in encounters with the world of art and literature which often embodies psychoanalytic thinking and which psychoanalysis has been in fruitful dialog with since its very begining. Finally, we welcome persons involved in the broad area of social and clinical aid and service, who are interested in psychoanalytic perspective.

While acting in collaboration with the Center for Psychoanalytic Thought as a research unit, the Association remains open to a variety of ideas and initiatives, including those beyond the framework of academic activity. Most importantly, we are open to people who bring such ideas and intitiatives with them. What we value most is vital energy, as well as the curiosity about the world and people, that trigger us to delve into the mysterious paths of human thinking, hidden realms of feeling and deep emotions, all of which can be read from the strangest symptoms of the contemporary world.